About Wood

Many countries such as Russia, Europe, and the Scandinavian countries used logs for construction in the 1660’s. Some homes were one room houses with few windows called the log cabin. In Europe the development of bronze and iron led to metal tools. Metal tools made it easier for people to work with wood. This led to log cabins. Most of these log cabins were constructed in the forested areas of Europe because of the wood that they had to work with there. Anyway the log cabin was a very important invention and we are sure many other people think so too.

The log cabin was introduced to America in the 1770’s by Swedish and Finland Immigrants. These Immigrants brought their skills of building log cabins to Delaware but it soon spread all across America. Log cabins became very popular in the 1880’s. In fact Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson gained popular advantage just because they were born in a log cabin. Also presidential candidate William Henry Harrison used the log cabin as a campaign symbol. The log cabin was extremely important. Just think of how many people in America used log cabins for something. Weather it was someone's home or someone's church everyone had a use for them.

The log cabin became a symbol of pioneer life. It was a symbol of the hardships and virtues a pioneer had to face. They represented self-reliance, independence, practicality, and ingenuity. Many presidents used the log cabin as a campaighn symbol. Log cabins were much more popular during the 1880’s than they are now. So most of the objects the cabin stood for were from the 1880’s.

Polar Pine: Is the best choice for log homes.

It has conquered its inhospitable habitat in the areas around the arctic circle. The conditions in this extreme zone subject it to slow growth and give polar pine the valuable property of reducing humidity in dwellings. The polar pine resists the elements while growing, and even the harvested logs provide “built in” protection with their excellent heat retaining and moisture absorbing qualities.