What about insulation?

You don’t need any. That's the beauty of logs. Millions of tiny cells in the wood trap air to provide one of the most efficient insulations known to man. Logs are even more effective than other kinds of insulated walls because of the way they radiate back warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. Ceilings and floors are insulated as in any conventional house.

Don't logs settle over time?

Like all houses made of wood, there will be settling around windows and doors in a log home. But unlike other log home manufacturers, we have a policy of using timber that has been seasoned naturally in the woods. In addition, we design each home with the ability to absorb the small amount of settling that naturally occurs without affecting the structure.

How do you protect the outside of the house from weathering?

Once the log shell is up, a preservative is applied to the outside by brush or airless sprayer. We can recommend and supply many good products that give you a choice of colors and other properties. We do not pre-treat our logs because exterior treatments aren't necessarily appropriate for interior walls.

Who assembles my log home?

Assembling the log home is generally done by a licensed contractor, although people with the time and skills often find it relatively easy and satisfying to do it themselves.

What kind of foundation is best?

Our homes have been built on basements, crawl spaces, concrete slabs and wood foundations. Local codes, soil conditions and personal preference will determine the actual size and style.

What are my heating options?

Any system you can put in a conventional house will work as, or more, effectively in a log home, due to the superior insulating quality of log walls.

Where does the plumbing and wiring go?

Wiring is generally run through the logs themselves with only the outlets visible. The plumbing, as in conventional houses, is installed in the interior stud partition walls.

How much will a log home cost?

There are many factors involved. While we can tell you the price of a specific plan, your construction and furnishing costs will determine your ultimate cost. We urge you to consult your builder, but log homes can be highly competitive with custom conventional buildings of similar quality.

What about financing my log home?

Financing a Log Home is no different than financing any other home. And while we don't provide financing, we do provide assistance in obtaining it. Both housing loan and conventional financing are common methods.